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Terms of use


Haogang Europe LTD company are the legal owner of the www.gh24.eu shop. The company are registered in the United Kingdom.


  • We are the distributor of the diet supplements, natural cosmetics and wellness devices. We are primarily concerned for the highest quality and safetiness.


  • We ship our products to all European countries. The shipping costs are according to Royal Mail.


  • All orders executions are valid only for adult persons. All the orders placed in the shop mean that you are, therefore an adult.


  • We reserve the need to contact with you to confirm and discuss the shipment details.


  • It is possible to place an order on-line on our website or by sending us an E-mail with all the details of your order. It is also possible to place an order by phone.


  • By placing an order as a client you declare that you accept these Terms of use. As a result of this acceptance you make an agreement with our company and agree for the processing of your personal data by the Green House Company. All the personal data are used only for the proper execution of an order.


  • It is necessary to fill in the on-line form in order to execute an order placed in our shop. All the contact details (phone number, E-mail, etc.,) must be provided.


  • If you cannot provide the land line phone and you have already paid with your debit or credit card your order may be delayed for 3 working days due to payment authorisation.


  • We reserve the right to reject the execusion of the order if it is suspicious.


  • The promotions offered in our shop do not accumulate – only one special offer is valid when a customer purchases a promotional product.


  • The lead time for the product is from 2 to 7 working days (usually 2-5 days). Purchased products are delivered to an address provided in the order form.


  • The knowledge of law in other countries is the sole responsibility of the buyer.


  • The reclamation of mechanical damages resulting from the transport or of the lack of the products ordered are considered only at the time of receiving the goods from the courier. The condition under which this sort of reclamation holds is the refusal of receiving the package.


  • All the products purchased at www.gh24.eu  are ready to use, originally packed and their expiry date is at least 3 months since they have been bought.


  • It is possible to use debit card payment, credit card payment, paypal payment, transfer payment, or in cash. Fransfer method requires specifying the details by an E-mail or by phone.


  • All the orders placed to 8a.m. of a given working day are executed the same day. If the client has not specified a land line phone or he/she makes an order for the first time the period can be prolonged.


  • Orders can be placed for 24 hours a day and all days of the year. Orders placed on holidays, christmas and work-free will be executed on the first working day that follows.


  • In case the price change we immediately inform the client about it. The order will not be realised if the new price is not accepted by the client.


  • We inform that the goods can be returned within 10 days since the purchase. The return is only valid for products originally packed. If the product has been unpacked the return cannot be accepted. The return is done on the cost of the client and the client is also responsible for letting the shop know about it before the shipping is processed.


  • If the client does not receive the package within 7 days since the payment has been done he/she has to inform us about it immediately. Reclamations after 14 days since the purchase will not be taken info consideration.


  • Despite all our endeavours we do not guarantee that all the products descriptions are free from errors. These, however, cannot be the subject to claims and demands. In case of any questions, please contact us before placing an order.